What is an Independent Contractor?


An independent contractor is a person or business that provides goods or services, but unlike employees, independent contractors do not work regularly for an employer. Independent contractors work on an as needed basis.


Why You Need an Independent Contractor Agreement


An independent contractor is not an employee, but may have access to confidential and valuable business information. An independent contract agreement protects your business by limiting the independent contractor's ability to:


  1. disclosure your confidential information;
  2. retain ownership of intellectual property created by the independent contractor;
  3. subvert your business relationship of third parties;
  4. and more. 


Compared to Our Other Independent Contractor Template


Ownership for intellectual property specifically addressed in this template. 


Generally, the person who creates a work is considered its author and the automatic owner of copyright in that work. However, under the work made for hire doctrine, the employer or the company that has commissioned the work is considered the author and automatic copyright owner of your work. An independnt contractor is not an employee and owns the rights to all intellectual property created. 


This template specifically addresses the  work made for hire doctrine clarifying you, the business, as the owner of all copyrights.


Independent Contractor (Assignment of IP)

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