Meet Victoria

Purpose is your life's GPS. It will help you navigate life.

Victoria Velazquez Walker

Latina Empowerment Attorney, Entrepreneur, Business and Life Coach, and Motivational Speaker

Vic encourages women to discover, step into and monetize their purpose. Inspires women to love what they do and reaffirms the notion that career and business opportunities should exist only to satisfy our love and passion. Reminds women to be fearless in the pursuit of their goals and instills in women the principle of hard work.

Vic operates in a unique intersection where purpose meets business and what she calls Purposeful Business. Purposeful Business at the core of Vic's law firm and at the heart of who Vic is.


​Purpose has been the driving force in Vic's life since a young girl. As a child, Vic was aware of her purpose to speak for those in her community who are mistreated, underrepresented and overlooked. It was this awareness that guided Vic to become an attorney, that guided (and still guides) Vic’s decisions, and inspired Vic to start her law firm. Because of her lifelong and ongoing experience with purpose, Vic understands the power of purpose 

and seeks to inspire women to discover and step into their purpose. Women, specifically latina and minority women, are those in Vic’s community whom she seeks to speak for and inspire.

As an attorney, Vic specializes in brand protection (Intellectual Property and Business) and all immigration matters ( Vic is licensed to practice in the state of North Carolina.